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Gas Fired Tumbler

Gas Fired Tumbler

This tumbler was fired in a gas kiln, with a heavy reduction. A reduction means that the artist limited the amount of oxygen in the kiln during the firing. Fuel cannot burn without oxygen, so in a reduction firing, part of the fuel remains unburned. The unburned fuel introduces carbon into the kiln, which then can imprint itself onto the glaze, creating the pattern of grey that is at the top of the tumbler. 

There are so many levers in a firing, and ceramicists hone their craft over several years, tweaking the fire and the elements introduced in a kiln that make glazes come alive.

Kiyomi Koide was raised in Japan and discovered clay in San Miguel de Allende.

Thrown + glazed by the artist in Berkeley.

Only one made. Ships immediately.
Height ~4 in. / Diameter ~3 in.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.