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Shino bowl
Shino bowl

Shino bowl

These bowls are made with the Shino glaze - a glaze that brings together white and deep rusty orange.

The Shino glaze was developed in Japan in the 16th century and led to a body of Japanese work. Shino wares then fell into obscurity when newer glazes and methods were developed. In the 1900s, both Japanese and American potters revived the glaze, studying pieces from history and experimenting with different levels of soda and crystals in the glaze's recipe to make it anew. The glaze was reinvented, both in Japan and America. 

Shino's hues vary by piece, as do the patterns of charcoal flecks that are created from introducing a chemical called sodium carbonate, or soda ash, into the glaze that then trap carbon giving that effect.

Thrown + glazed by the artist in Berkeley.

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These can be made to order. 

Height 4 in. / Diameter 3 in.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.