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Large soda fired bowl
Large soda fired bowl

Large soda fired bowl

This large bowl is soda fired in a 12 hour firing tended to by the artist. Soda firing is a type of firing in which the artist sprays sodium carbonate, called soda ash, into the kiln during firing. The soda vaporizes when it meets the flame, and creates a glaze as it lands on pieces, carried by the fire. 

In a soda firing, all the glazes get dissipated into the environment, creating many interactions not only between the flame and each piece, but between the pieces in the kiln. Leah describes this as the pieces interacting - another element of surprise. 

Leah Bowring did her graduate work in ceramics, developing her own philosophy on the fine art of ceramics and the form of pottery.

Thrown + soda-fired by the artist in Berkeley.

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Height 6 in. / Diameter 8.5 in.
Dishwasher safe.