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Small soda fired teabowl
Small soda fired teabowl

Small soda fired teabowl

This teabowl is soda fired in a 12 hour firing tended to by the artist. Leah sees teabowls as little sculptures. Her pots - her functional wares - are directly inspired by the years she spent creating sculptural forms. Her sculptural work explores lines and planes that she sees when she is in nature, and these explorations are subtly and exquisitely present in each of her teabowls. Each inch of them is well thought through, and you can see that consideration as you turn them in your hand.

Each piece has the imprint on the bottom of the piece where it was propped up in the kiln - this is the mark of a soda-fired or wood-fired piece. 

Thrown + soda-fired by the artist in Berkeley.

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Height 2.75 in. / Diameter 2.5 in.
Dishwasher safe.