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Soda fired Small Teapot
Soda fired Small Teapot

Soda fired Small Teapot

This teapot has been soda fired in a 12 hour firing tended to by the artist herself. This teapot has many hues, and these are largely the result of how the artist places the pieces in the kiln - what other pieces are they near and how the path of the flame, laden with soda, will whirl around the piece. One piece's color, placed near another, may reflect onto that other piece. Soda firing is often called "painting with fire."

There is a lot of loss in woodfiring and soda firing - pieces that take on effects the artist didn't want, or pieces that fall and break. The pieces that emerge like this one from a soda firing are precious and reminders of the unpredictability of working directly with fire.

This teapot has a built in strainer so that tea leaves don't pour through.

Leah Bowring did her graduate work in ceramics, developing her own philosophy on the fine art of ceramics and the form of pottery.

Thrown + soda fired by the artist in Berkeley.

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Height 4 in. / Diameter 5 in. (incl. handle)
Hand-washing recommended.