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Medium soda fired teabowl

Medium soda fired teabowl

This teabowl is soda fired in a 12 hour firing tended to by the artist. Soda firing is a type of firing in which the artist sprays sodium carbonate, called soda ash, into the kiln during firing. The soda vaporizes when it meets the flame, and creates a glaze as it lands on pieces, carried by the fire. 

Each piece has the imprint on the bottom of the piece where it was propped up in the kiln - this is the mark of a soda-fired or wood-fired piece. 

Leah Bowring did her graduate work in ceramics, developing her own philosophy on the fine art of ceramics and the form of pottery.

Thrown + soda fired by the artist in Berkeley.

These are made to order.
Height 3.5 in. / Diameter 3 in.
Dishwasher safe.