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Set of 6 Speckled Dinner Plates

Set of 6 Speckled Dinner Plates

This dinner plate has a matte white glaze over a clay body with a significant amount of iron. Iron in a clay body gives it a deep reddish, rusty brown color. The iron in the clay body also causes the speckling of the matte white glaze. The speckles vary by piece, creating a set in which each piece is very slightly different in coloring and speckling. Like all of Bob's work, these plates are beautifully light and balanced when you hold them.

Bob Dinetz is a graphic designer who began the process of studying and creating ceramics four years ago. 

Thrown + glazed by the artist in Berkeley.

One set of six in stock. Ships as set immediately.
Can be made to order in sets of 6.
Height ~1 in. / Diameter ~9.5 in.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Selecting 1 in quantity orders a set of 6.