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White plate dinner set

This is a beautiful, contemporary dinner place setting from Lynn. It's classically white, with several subtle touches that give it depth when you see it up close. Slight speckles, subtle glosses of glaze. It's a perfect set to have to start building your dining table. 

The set includes:

1) Small, shallow bowl. Height: 1 in. Diameter: 4.25 in. 

2) Saucer. Height: 0.25 in. Diameter: 6.5 in. 

3) Salad / breakfast plate. Height: 1 in. Diameter: 9.75 in. 

4) Dinner sized plate. Height: 1 in. Diameter: 11 in. 


Crafted + glazed by the artist in Sonoma. 

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Dishwasher and microwave safe.