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About us

Our concept and future


Our concept 

We exist to bring extraordinary, functional ceramics from the studio into the world. We have found through our work that the best pieces of ceramics are often hidden deep in an artist's studio - hard to discover, but complete treasures.

We are working to make it completely seamless for you to find what you love, to learn about the artist and about clay, and bring the piece into your home. 

In the process, we're aiming to make it easier for ceramic artists to immerse in their craft and focus fully on making, while we help find people around the world who would love to have these pieces in their homes and restaurants.

Our experiment

To work with clay as a medium, you must be constantly testing and tweaking. Glazes, clay bodies, firing temperatures, and so on: the pots that you see here are the result of years of work by the artists developing their forms and aesthetic. 

As a company, we want to operate with that same spirit of constant testing. We will be researching the best way to bring these pieces to the world, the best way to support and empower ceramicists, the best way to tell the story of clay as a medium. 

We're excited for you to be part of our journey.


Our Founder, Rukmini

I grew up in a family whose car screeched to a halt anytime we saw a "pottery for sale" sign on the road. It could be a mile from our house or in a little village we were exploring on a summer vacation. If the sign said pottery, there we were. 

Who screeches for pottery? Well, my mother is a ceramics teacher, and a ceramicist herself. Through her, I fell in love with the medium - ceramics brightened each meal in our home and made every room feel like an exploration of a craft. I spent countless hours in the studio experimenting with forms and glaze, often performing smoke firings of my work in our driveway, with tricky levels of smoke billowing upwards.

For years, I worked at Google and in military intelligence and then studied business, but I've returned to my original, analog love - clay. I want to take this most ancient of art forms and bring it online. Clay transforms a space. It warms it. It reminds us that people still make things with love and attention. Come and see what we've got in store for you.