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Wood fired bowl no. 1
Wood fired bowl no. 1

Wood fired bowl no. 1

This bowl has been woodfired in a Noborigama kiln in Pope Valley, CA. Noborigama kilns are an ancient kind of Japanese kiln that are long with terraced steps, allowing the heat to be recycled throughout the kiln as it moves from one chamber to the next higher one. 

The cream colored glaze with a subtle crackle, over the natural clay, fired to a deep orange/brown. The natural clay has very slight carvings, done by the artist's hands.

Kiyomi Koide was raised in Japan and discovered clay in San Miguel de Allende. 

Thrown by the artist in Berkeley / Woodfired in Napa.

Only one made. Ships immediately.
Height ~3 in. / Diameter ~5.5 in.
Dishwasher safe.